People completing concentrated quarantine must be monitored for 7 days


People who have completed 21-day concentrated quarantine must be managed and have their health monitored at home within the next seven days, according to the Ministry of Health.

Prime Minister requests greater efforts to stamp out COVID-19


Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has highlighted the ultimate goal of protecting people’s health, driving back COVID-19 pandemic, especially in key areas, to ensure socio-economic...

New Covid-19 tourism policies in Vietnam


On April 27, Vietnam recorded its first COVID-19 community infection after more than a month with no locally transmitted cases. In response, the government has imposed social distancing...

What are Seaplanes used for ?


In the growing age of technology, there seem to be more and more methods of transportation every day. From bicycles to cars to rockets, advances in transportation are some of the main...

10 Exeptional Features of Vietnam's Seaplane Ride


The aviation market is thriving with names such as Vietnam Airline, Vietjet Air and Jetstar. As a result, Hai Au Aviation, with its unique seaplane ride, is lesser known in the general...

Vietnam Seaplane Charter with VietGreen Travel


Charter Hai Au seaplanes to reach exotic ad remote destinations. By chartering a flight you choose when you want to travel and avoid the lines and wait times at the airport.

Seaplane From Saigon To Phan Thiet


If awakened to the restless charm of Saigon (officially termed as Ho Chi Minh City) and Phan Thiet’s naturally gifted beauty, it’s welcomed to enjoy the new experiences promoted by the...

Seaplane From Saigon to Can Tho


The distance between Saigon and numerous destinations in the Southern Vietnam including Vung Tau, Can Tho and Mekong Delta has been shortened thanks to the great viability of seaplane....

Charter Seaplane From Saigon to Amanoi Resort


Instead of admiring the others who used to experience the Scenic Seaplane Tour, why not charter a modern seaplane and make your own tour of lifetime? The flying route from Saigon to Amanoi...

Charter Seaplane from Ho Chi Minh to Phu Quoc Island


Featuring almost any ingredient of high living and elegance, the Seaplane pleases your system in both mental and physical aspects. The perfect combination of the modern comfort and...


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