Charter Seaplane From Saigon to Amanoi Resort

Instead of admiring the others who used to experience the Scenic Seaplane Tour, why not charter a modern seaplane and make your own tour of lifetime? The flying route from Saigon to Amanoi definitely makes you happy and stress-free. Both domestic and foreign passengers are welcomed to invest their time and budget in the convenient means of transport – Seaplane. While Saigon amazes you with the density of population, vehicles,

Why Visit Amanoi from Saigon with Private Seaplane?

Living and working in the bustling city may drive many adults to “fall ill and tired”. If it is your case and you’re thirsty for freedom or rest, charter seaplane from Saigon to Amanoi (about 1h25’) stands out as the great channel indeed. Saigon is pictured with the beautiful strokes of industrial zones and high buildings. Once departing, the vacationers of all age and gender are pleased with the inside amenities and comfortable seats available in the Seaplane.

The neoteric Seaplane takes you to the 5-star resort conveniently. When it comes to Amanoi Resort of Ninh Thuan, it is proudly admitted that Amanoi is one of the newest and best Amanresorts of 2014 voted by Condé Nast Traveler, the top American travel magazine. Your stay in Amanoi is enhanced at the top if you get notified of many essentials available there. Peacefully visit the Resort so that you have opportunities to contemplate the natural charm of Vinh Hy Bay and the exquisite white-sand beach. Together with the spectacular view, the spa in Amanoi is most renowned that helps to make your vacation dramatic and restful.

Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan

Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan

Right in Ninh Thuan Province, the northeast of Saigon, Amanoi Resort (Aman Resorts Management) proudly gains recognition for its primitive coastline and many essentials around. While the indoor guests are treated intimately with the highest level of services, the outdoor travelers are inspired to explore the lovely natural locations, eye-catching facilities, exclusive services, and private spaces as well. The high-standard Resort and surrounding setting please you from the first sight, promisingly. Therefore, the rest in this cutting edge Resort can satisfy you and your family without any sign of redundancy or repetition.

With the great privacy and exclusiveness, the scenic seaplane tour from Saigon to Amanoi can possibly be better than your wishes and suit your own tastes in the wholesome way. This kind of vacation is most perfect for the high-end passengers who can afford the cost of $7700 with the maximum capacity of 8 participants. If having capacity to experience a private seaplane tour, put the package of Saigon – Amanoi Tour to the top position in the list of favorite today.


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